Technology Services

Verified Sol

Technology Services

Here at Verified Sol, we deliver an array of tech-based solutions. These include delivering software, programming, networking and project management solutions.

App and Software Development

In today’s world, getting customized services can streamline your business processes even further. This helps give you an edge. Rather than using software that is universally used yet not perfectly applicable to your business, let us develop a tool for your specific needs. Our software developers have the required expertise to develop a program that best satisfies the unique needs of your business. Our software and applications are compatible with web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions as well.


At Verified Sol, we offer tech support in the field of ecommerce as well. Our team of specialists is equipped with knowledge about the international practices of ecommerce. Rather than applying the same-old trends, they keep up with the latest happenings to provide you with a solution that gives you an edge over your competitors.

Business Intelligence

Tech support isn’t just about developing and managing software and ecommerce platforms. It is also about getting key insights about the market and tech world. The business intelligence services of Verified Sol are tailored to ensure that you are provided with insights that help in effective decision making.

IT Services

Every business is unique, which means your IT should be custom tailored to drive your vision forward. However, the foundation of robust managed services is surprisingly similar. A one-size-fits-all approach to technology often falls short because you either lack some important element, or pay for services you never use. Our IT professionals start with a solid foundation and then work as your partner to fully realize a comprehensive IT infrastructure based on your needs, budget and culture. Our experiences and expertise to provide a total business solution that meets your demands and works to the best of its ability.

    VERIFIED SOL is a 360-degree consulting agency.

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