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Facebook Advertising

Turn browsers into buyers, and watch your revenue soar. Harness the incredible reach of the world’s largest social media network with a laser-focused Facebook ad strategy that gets results.

Grow your likes AND revenue with a hyper-targeted Facebook campaign.

Crank out the maximum return on your social media advertising, and supercharge brand visibility. You’ve got the goals. Facebook advertising gets you the results.

We don’t need to tell you twice: Facebook is HUGE. There are over 2.7 billion active users on this single social network, and 2.1 billion users visit the site every day. Yet most Facebook advertisers focus on farming followers, likes and comments, while losing sight of the mission objective: sales, sales, sales.

Social media marketing is about more than just the likes. If you’re not converting followers into leads and growing your business, you’re not using Facebook to its full potential.

With over 80 million small business owners on Facebook, you need a solid game plan to stand out on your audience’s newsfeed. We use Facebook’s powerful targeting tools to craft a killer strategy that gets results. Our Gurus are all about combining data-driven marketing with social media expertise and a splash of creativity. The result? More likes, more leads — more sales.

Turn cold audiences into red-hot customers with a killer Facebook campaign.

Make Facebook work harder for sales with an advertising strategy that converts likes into leads — and brings in the money.

Tapping into the true power of Facebook requires more than creating a cool Facebook page and throwing up some content every now and then. Many businesses aren’t connecting with new audiences because there’s just too much noise on everyone’s newsfeed. To get Facebook to bring home the bacon, you need to get smart with your targeting and message.

The most effective Facebook campaigns shows relevant ads to a pinpointed target audience, using the platform’s incredible in-depth targeting tools. When you work with the best Facebook ad agency on a carefully crafted, laser-focused campaign, you can quadruple your ROI and massively decrease your cost per click. 

Verified Sol are here to grow your bottom line with a full-funnel strategy that wins you sales and loyalty. Our Gurus work with you to customize every element of your profile and ads to appeal to the most valuable Facebook users. Whether it’s targeting options, placement, custom audiences, bidding, monitoring or optimization, our end goal always stays true to what you’re after: conversions and revenue.

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